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Coming up on his one-year anniversary as a Landscape Designer with the firm, Rocky Avitia has a wide range of duties at Camp & Camp, including design meetings, site inventory, 3D rendering, producing construction documents, and construction administration. This perspective gives him the ability to see projects from start to finish.

 Growing up in Lodi, Calif., and later a student of Architecture at San Joaquin Delta College, Rocky continues to advance his educational learning at Merritt College in Oakland where he is obtaining an Associates Degree in Landscape Architecture. He has been married for nine years to his wife, Daisy, and together they have one son, eight-year-old Charlie.

We sat down with Rocky to learn more about his ideas and inspiration, and what thrills him outside of his career in landscape design.

 1.       You grew up in Lodi which is best known for being a center of wine grape production, also known as the "Zinfandel Capital of the World." As a landscape designer, any advice for wine enthusiasts looking to grow vines on their property?

 I’m an advocate for edibles in the landscape. Being from the Lodi area, grapes in particular are often used in the landscape and they don’t necessarily need to be a planted as a vineyard. Grapes are vines, so they need to have some structure to climb on. This could be in the form of either a trellis, arbor, or a fence. Surprisingly, grapes do not require too much care other than annual pruning which make them easy to grow. They add seasonal interest to the garden throughout the year and attract beneficial insects. There’s a grapevine for every climate; as long as you have sun, air circulation, and well-drained soil you can grow grapes!

2.       From a lifestyle perspective, when designing for residential, are there certain exterior features you see families enjoying the most in their outdoor spaces, time and time again?

The ability to have an area to gather to cook, eat, and talk to each other is important. Areas such as a fire pit, dining areas and outdoor kitchens bring everyone together and is where we can create lasting memories.

3.       When you tell people about your job, what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?

People love the visual stuff. They get a kick from the 3D Animations we can create for Clients.

4.       What do you enjoy most about working for Camp & Camp?

I enjoy the ability to express my creativity in our Landscape Designs. We are a collaborative team and because we work closely together, with a mutual respect of ideas, the design always evolves further.

5.       As our resident Dad on the Camp & Camp team, tell us about your son and your favorite family outing in the Bay Area?

Our 8-year-old son Charlie is a smart kid who loves to draw, play sports, and video games. Like myself, he enjoys everything having to do with plants. As a family we love to travel and get out as much as we can. Watching a baseball game or an outdoor concert would be an ideal family outing.

 6.       If you wanted to surprise us with something about you, like a hobby or hidden talent, what would that be?

I’m pretty good at the saxophone. I also love to ride motorcycles. On the road or off road, if it has two wheels I’ll ride it.

7.       Of all the landscapes in the world, what’s your favorite scene?

Have yet to visit the gardens in Granada, Spain. From my personal experience I would say the garden at The Getty Villa in Malibu. Particularly beautiful in the evening hours during sunset.

8.       Where do you draw inspiration that you bring into your work?

My inspiration comes from all around me. Our families, our communities, our culture, and our country.