SAGE ADVICE by Camp & Camp

Fabulous Foliage: Combining colors, textures and foliage for a beautiful garden

As Spring flourishes with flower color, blooms in a carefully crafted garden may extend floral sequences past the term of the season, with strategic Summer bloomers maintaining interest extending well into the next season.

To attain optimal impact for color and texture in your garden throughout the coming seasons, Pamela Winther, Principal at Camp and Camp, suggests adding these candidates to your garden in clusters, borders or highlights.


·         Buddleja

·         Heuchera sanguinea

·         Helleborus

·         Spiraea bumalda “Gold flame”

·         Salvias

·         Nepeta “Walkers Low”

·         Achillea millefolium “Paprika”

·         Echinacea purpurea

·         Lavandula

·         Hemerocallis

·         Ornamental grasses

·         Phlomis fruticosa

·         Hepeta “Walkers Low”